Valves are located inside the pipes, enabling a section to be shut off, and repaired without closing the entire system. On the top of a valve is a nut, that is reached through a small opening in the street, or sidewalk called a Valve box.

Accucast offers a wide range of Screw type & Slip type valve boxes, as per industry standards, and City specifications, marked Water, Sewer, Gas, Fire, WMARRS

 Generic:  AC461s, AC562s, AC562sh, AC564s, AC564sh, AC664s

  1. Valve box components: Lids, Tops, Bottoms

  2. Valve Box Riser, size 1" - 8"

  3. Valve Box Extensions, size 14" - 30"

  4. Lamphole Tulsa

  5. City Specific Valve boxes:

  • Dallas Shorty Valve Box, Special Lids & Risers

  • Houston A Boxes

  • Austin C3, C5, C6, C7 & C8

  • San Antonio Valve Box

  • Corpus Christi Valve Box

  • Edmond, OK Valve Boxes

  • Nashville

  • Miami Dade County