MJ X MJ Accu Adapters

Product Description


  • Clean the gaskets inside, outside, and then lubricate it.
  • Place the gaskets on both side of the Adapter.
  • Insert the MJ Adapter along with the gaskets into the first Fitting.
  • Insert the second Fitting onto the Adapter, and align it such that the ears do not obstruct the MJ bolt holes.
  • Insert bolts through the assembly then slide the spacers provided on bolts such that the wider flat side faces the nut.
  • Use 1 1/8" wrench to assemble the nuts onto the bolts, and tighten them until they are within 75-90 ft-lb torque.


  • Adapter provides bell connection restraint between MJ Fittings, Flange Fittings & MJ Valves.
  • Asphaltic black coat.
  • 350 PSI maximum pressure rating.
  • Compact connection saves time and space.
  • Product is supplied with MJ Adapter, 2 MJ gaskets, T-bolts, pig bolts, nuts and spacers as per size.
  • Ductile Iron MJ Adapter & spacers meets ASTM A536 standards.
  • High strength low alloy steel T-head bolts and pig bolts meets ANSI/AWWA C111.A21.11
  • Standard MJ SBR rubber gaskets per ANSI/AWWA C111/A-21.11

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