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Accucast....AccuLok Joint Restraints Size 3" - 24" for PVC C900, C909 & Ductile Pipes

Introducing ACCULOK the newest improvement in Mechanical Joint restraint for Ductile Iron pipe, and PVC pipes.  ACCULOK offers features familiar to the industry, with unique improvements to the design.  ACCULOK contains no washers and is ready to be used on C900 and IPS pipe in the as received condition. (Use on IPS pipe requires the use of a transition gasket.) ACCULOK Is manufactured of ductile iron conforming to the requirements of ASTM A536 grade 5-45-12 UL & FM listed

ACCULOK for Ductile Iron Pipe Conforming to AWWA C151, ACCULOK for PVC pipe conforming to AWWA C900, and PVCO pipe conforming to AWWA C909, as well as PVC pipe having IPS diameters, is a restraint system offering toggle action insertion of hardened Ductile Iron Wedges, torque limiting screw activation, and compatibility with all mechanical joint fittings, valves, and hydrants using AWWA C111 Mechanical joints.

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