During catastrophic floods, or melting snow, If water is not diverted properly, it may flood basements, manholes, subways, causing natural disaster. Storm water flows into the storm system through inlets or catch basins. An Inlet is a hole in the street or curb. A catch basin is a rectangular storage tank located under the street. Both of these are covered by an cast iron grate or round inlet covers.

Frames and Grates:

  1. Square Grates, Size 12" - 48"

  2. Frame & Grates, Size 12" - 48"

  3. Reversible Type A Frame & Grates

  4. ADA Grates

  5. Solid Cover Grates

  6. BB Frame & Grates

  7. B Frame & Grates

  8. Drop In Round Grates for Corrugated Pipes

  9. Drop In Round Covers for Corrugated Pipes

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